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Simplified, streamlined tobacco shop

Smoke the competition with a modern, easy-to-use POS solution.

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Today’s tobacco and cigar shops owners are battling...

time waste

Time waste.

Struggling to train staff on complicated software, manage manual work, and cobble together essential features.

disjointed data

Disjointed data.

Disjointed operations from data stored in multiple systems results in mistakes, headaches, or worse.


Inconsistent pricing.

Big box POS solutions often gouge their customers with price increases and hidden fees.

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The right partner can help:

Grow your profits and reduce costs.
Streamline complex inventory processes.
Speed up customer checkout.
Minimize losses due to shrinkage.

The POS solution designed specifically for
tobacco shops.

Explore a customizable POS solution that offers features every tobacco shop owner needs to scale their business.

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Increase your store's efficiency and benefit from better data and less human error with automated inventory and reporting processes.

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Key Features

Use essential tobacco and cigar shop features like scan data, age verification, and case breaking to run your store with ease.


Rest easy knowing you'll never have software or hardware outages due to on-site server malfunctions.

Simple, modern experience.

Build a custom POS system that meets your business needs and find out how much you'll pay for total business control.


A POS solution designed for stores like yours.

Cigars POS offers the ideal solution for tobacco, cigar, and pipe shop owners. No complex integrations, no contracts, no waiting on hold to talk to service reps who can't help you.

Designed with tobacco shop owners in mind.

A POS solution specifically created to include all the features and technology tobacco shops need.

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Reliable, fast, and efficient support.

Solve challenges with ease with the help of customer service reps trained to support your industry.

Enterprise-level efficiency from mom-and-pop shop experts.

Get up and running on an easy-to-learn system and modernize your store, creating a better in-store experience for your loyal customers.

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Streamline your store,
Smoke the competition.

Chat with our team to get a demo of Cigars POS.

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