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Designed for
Vape Shops.

Power your business operations with a feature-rich POS made for vape shops:

  • High-risk payment processing
  • Age verification
  • Complete inventory management
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delta 7 vape shop Cigars POS
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Add and Edit Items On-the-Go

Add and edit items straight from any mobile device — like a smartphone or tablet — to ensure your product database stays up to date and accurate from wherever you are. 

Search Items Smartly

Find products easily with a built-in search engine. Save time and effort at the register by typing in a product code or keyword — like “vape pen” — and get relevant results quickly.

Customize Your Shortcuts

Tailor your point of sale interface with a fully customizable touchscreen and button layout. Organize categories and products for easy navigation, and create dedicated hotkeys for popular vape juices or top-selling accessories to streamline transactions.

Print Barcodes and Labels

Generate barcodes and print labels directly from your system or mobile device to streamline inventory management.

Offer Mix and Match Promotions

Move inventory by encouraging customers to purchase more products with mix and match promotions — try bundling an “e-cig starter kit” that includes a vape pen and a few juice flavors.

Connect With Your Customers

Reach your customers with targeted promotions, discounts, and information about new products by creating SMS and email marketing campaigns — sent straight from your system.

Streamline your store,
Smoke the competition

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