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Top 3 Cigar Lounge Point of Sale System Options

When your customers visit your cigar lounge, they expect everything to be exceptional. They’re looking for a wide selection of the finest cigars, the most luxurious furnishings, and a comfortable atmosphere. 

Another checkbox that’s critical to get right is your cigar lounge point of sale (POS) system. 

This powerful tool plays a major role in your cigar lounge operations, handling everything from your sales transactions to your customer loyalty program — which is why it’s so important to choose the right one. 

To help you choose the best solution for your small business, this blog will walk you through the most essential cigar lounge point of sale system features, plus our three favorite POS providers for cigar lounges. 

Must-Have Cigar Lounge Point of Sale System Features

Cigar lounges are a unique type of small business. You have to navigate the legal complexities of selling tobacco products, maintain a wide selection of fresh cigars, and nurture a loyal base of customers to keep your profits high. 

Fortunately, a cigar lounge point of sale system with the right features can streamline your operations, enhance the customer experience, and boost your sales. 

Let’s look at the most important features to prioritize in your hunt for the right cigar lounge point of sale system: 

  • Built-in age verification protects your community and your business’ reputation by guaranteeing that you only sell to customers of legal smoking age. 
  • Robust inventory management tools with cigar-specific features like carton-pack tracking ensure that your customers’ favorites are always in stock. 
  • A customer loyalty program keeps your cigar lounge filled with happy customers by offering them special perks and exclusive discounts. 
  • Advanced sales reports help you keep an eye on your lounge’s financial health and bestselling cigars. 

Every cigar lounge’s business model and needs will be different, so make sure to create a personalized list of the features you need most to keep your business running smoothly and profitably. 

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3 Best Cigar Lounge Point of Sale Systems

Now that we’ve covered what makes a POS system great for a cigar lounge, let’s take a look at your top options. We’ll cover their main features, reviews, and pricing, so keep reading to start your journey to the perfect cigar lounge point of sale system. 

1. POS Nation

POS Nation offers a powerful, feature-rich POS solution to small business owners in the tobacco industry and other retail spaces. 

A few of POS Nation’s notable features for tobacco stores include: 

  • Insightful sales reports that highlight your customers’ shopping habits and your lounge’s bestselling products
  • Flexible discounting options to boost the success of your promotions
  • World-class customer support to keep your cigar lounge running smoothly in the event of technical issues

POS Nation’s solid POS system and excellent customer service have earned them a 4.7 star rating on Trustpilot. Here’s what one happy customer has to say about their experience using POS Nation: 

“POS Nation has always been available when I needed them with very minimal wait time! That is a major plus! So very thankful for their excellent customer service!” — Linda L. 

You can get an instant, custom quote for your cigar lounge’s POS system using POS Nation’s convenient pricing tool


KORONA POS is a POS solution catering to retailers in several industries. KORONA POS offers a solid set of features to help small businesses run smoothly and grow. 

Here are a few of KORONA POS’ main features:

  • A customer database that stores your customers’ contact information and shopping history
  • An age verification prompt that reminds your cashiers to check ID before a cigar sale
  • Accounting integrations to ensure that your cigar lounge is financially healthy

KORONA POS has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Software Advice. Here’s a snippet from one user review: 

“Korona makes it so easy to manage my business remotely. I can easily update pricing, enter stock receipts and view all my sales data from the website. All the POS features are customizable based on your business and the reporting is pretty endless.” — Kristen

KORONA POS’ most popular pricing plan starts at $69 monthly, but keep in mind that you’ll have to pay extra for features like advanced reporting and integrations. 

3. Cigars POS

Our final (and favorite) POS option for cigar lounges is Cigars POS

What makes Cigars POS stand out from the competition is that it’s designed specifically for cigar shops and lounges. With an industry-specific list of features, Cigars POS is a valuable tool that can help you navigate the intricacies of tobacco sales. 

Let’s explore a few of Cigars POS’ standout features: 

  • Built-in age verification that makes the checkout process fast and secure
  • Inventory management features that allow you to monitor your stock in real time 
  • An easy-to-use customer loyalty program that can boost your customer satisfaction and your sales
  • Integrated high-risk processing that allows you to sell new and exciting products like CBD, delta-8, and kratom
  • Helpful 24/7 support from tobacco industry experts

Cigars POS has highlighted a few success stories from businesses using their cigar lounge POS system. Check out what one pleased cigar lounge owner loves about the software: 

“I was able to see, not just my daily sales, but I could find what cigars were trending, I could find what times of the day my cigars were trending.  That enabled me to promote and push additional sales.” — James T. 

You can use Cigars POS’ build and price tool to get an instant quote for your cigar lounge point of sale solution. 

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Smoke the Competition With the Best Cigar Lounge Point of Sale System

While POS Nation and KORONA POS are solid POS providers, Cigars POS is at the top of our list for its industry-specific design and features. 

Cigars POS has all the tools you need to keep your cigar lounge well-stocked with your bestselling cigars, make secure sales, build a loyal community of tobacco enthusiasts, and grow your business. 

Learn whether Cigars POS is right for your business by scheduling a personalized demo.

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