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10 Must-Have Tobacco Software Features

If you own a retail tobacco business, you understand the unique challenges of your tightly-regulated industry. 

And you know that, to be successful, you need to find the right business tools to keep up with those demands — including a point of sale (POS) system with industry-specific tobacco software.

Let’s dive into the top 10 must-have tobacco software features that will revolutionize your retail business in no time.

1. Age Verification

First things first: If you sell tobacco products, you need to make sure you're adhering to age verification regulations — to protect your business and your customers. A comprehensive tobacco software solution should include a built-in age verification feature that prompts cashiers to check customers' IDs during transactions. This way, you know your customers meet the required legal age to purchase tobacco products. 

Simply enter their birthdates or scan their ID cards to ensure that you’re in compliance with local and federal regulations — so you can avoid potential legal troubles.

2. Tobacco-Specific Inventory Management

To run a successful tobacco shop, you have to keep your shelves stocked with the right products. Look for a tobacco software that offers robust inventory management, including the ability to track stock levels, set reorder points, and automatically rank products based on sales and inventory data. This minimizes the risk of stockouts, while ensuring that slow-moving items don't take up valuable shelf space. Your POS software should be able to break cases, too.

3. Multi-Location Pricing

Modern tobacco retailers often manage multiple locations, and having the ability to set multi-location pricing is essential. Multi-location pricing allows you to adjust pricing strategies and promotional campaigns specific to each store location. By adopting a solution that offers integrated multi-location pricing, you'll ensure your customers experience tailored services — regardless of location.

4. Real-Time Dashboard Notifications

Stay on top of your tobacco retail business with real-time dashboard notifications. This feature enables you to monitor sales activity, manage stock levels, and even receive alerts about surveillance cameras or suspicious activities. When you stay connected with real-time information, you can make prompt decisions based on accurate data.Tobacco POS Buyers' Guide


5. Customizable User Interface

Optimize your in-store experience with tobacco software that lets you customize your touchscreen and button layout. This feature allows you to adjust your touchscreen layout to suit the unique requirements of your tobacco retail business, so it’s easier for employees to navigate and make sales quickly.

6. Reporting and Analytics

Invest in a tobacco software solution that provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features (including industry-specific reports like Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds), so you have access to detailed sales data, inventory movement reports, and customer-focused insights. This valuable information will help you make informed, data-driven decisions and optimize your tobacco store's performance.

7. Gift Cards and Promotional Features

Drive sales by leveraging gift cards and promotional features offered by your tobacco software. Options like custom-designed gift cards, mix and match promotions, and flexible discounts help you engage your customers and encourage them to keep coming back. (Pro tip: Try offering a discounted bundle that includes a pack of cigars, a lighter, and a cutter!)

8. Loyalty Reward Programs

Maximize customer retention and boost your bottom line with an integrated loyalty reward program on your tobacco software system. By offering personalized incentives like points or discounts, you motivate your customers to become loyal brand advocates and drive potential new customers to your business.

9. E-Commerce Integration

Online shopping isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so embracing an omnichannel retail approach is a must. Look for a tobacco software solution that includes an e-commerce integration feature — you can experience seamless inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer data synchronization between your retail stores and online channels. And with various pickup and delivery options, you can keep your customers satisfied.

10. Loss Prevention Features

Robust tobacco software should consist of loss prevention tools — including integrated security cameras, transaction recording systems, and task management features — to help you safeguard your valuable products and maintain tight control of your store's operations. Using up-to-date technology and staying vigilant in your store management will strengthen your business security considerably.

Get Started With Tobacco Software Made for Your Store

Choosing the right software for your tobacco store can seem like an overwhelming task, but you have to start somewhere. By choosing a system that includes these 10 must-have tobacco software features, you can smoke the competition and boost your bottom line.

To get started with the best tobacco software in the business, schedule a demo with one of our Cigars POS specialists today! Or use our build and price tool to create your custom quote.

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